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> Audience Poll!
Audience Poll!
Which series first brought you to Hidden Frontier Universe?
Hidden Frontier [ 163 ] ** [91.06%]
Odyssey [ 11 ] ** [6.15%]
Helena Chronicles [ 2 ] ** [1.12%]
Orphans of War / Intrepid Special [ 3 ] ** [1.68%]
How did you find out about HFverse?
Link from a Star Trek website [ 37 ] ** [20.67%]
Stumbled upon it from Google or other search engine [ 63 ] ** [35.20%]
Link from another ST fan production [ 22 ] ** [12.29%]
Television coverage of Hidden Frontier [ 4 ] ** [2.23%]
Printed Press or Internet coverage of HFverse [ 15 ] ** [8.38%]
Word of Mouth [ 22 ] ** [12.29%]
Other (please specify in a post) [ 16 ] ** [8.94%]
What about HFverse inspired you to continue watching and/or participating in the online community?
Good characters [ 15 ] ** [8.38%]
Interesting plots and story development [ 78 ] ** [43.58%]
"The Next Gernation" universe setting [ 17 ] ** [9.50%]
Gay inclusive storylines [ 41 ] ** [22.91%]
Topical issue storylines [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
Action and adventure [ 4 ] ** [2.23%]
Good special effects [ 7 ] ** [3.91%]
Other (specify) [ 17 ] ** [9.50%]
Total Votes: 179
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Lieutenant J.G.
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post Jul 7 2008, 10:29 AM
Post #41
Q1:Hidden Frontier

Q2:On a yahoo news video, and that was just after the release of season 7's "Bound" (sorry I was a late bloomer

Q3: I picked the contuation of the TNG universe. I love that era because the character of the universe keeps getting deeper
and I like that. The character are great from TNG, DS9, VOY, HF, and now ODY & HC but the universe as a whole Is awsome and keeps growing and I like that. Rob does a great job adding lots of good character to the TNG Universe. sorry for ranting.

Demos: 25, White Male, Akron OH
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Ken Kato/EQX Writer
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How do you set a laser printer to stun?

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post Jul 8 2008, 03:23 PM
Post #42
Okay, my answers:
1. Hidden Frontier (towards the end, maybe season 5 onwards?)
2. From Star Trek Expanded Universe wikia (so I considered this a link)
3. Follow on from TNG era. There are so many stories to be told in that era.

I might be shot for saying this, but I think the character development could be a little deeper. The "flow" with the series is well thought out, the CGI is great (especially in the later seasons), most of the stories are good. Some costuming in HF was bad but the subsequent spin-offs are a lot better.

I personally would have avoided using "canon" characters and locations, but that's my personal opinion. To each their own!

Overall though, I enjoy it... that's why I'm still here and downloading episodes, and even got a whole heap of people in Christchurch, New Zealand watching it! icon_smile.gif

Scott icon_smile.gif

Oooh forgot to put the whole ASL thing. 34, male, Christchurch (New Zealand) (originally from Chicago, USA)
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post Feb 11 2010, 08:13 AM
Post #43
QUOTE (Captain Rhetoric @ Jun 17 2008, 12:45 AM) *
It was tough to answer the last one. I originally was interested cuz of gay subplots, and that is probably why I love it so much, but there are a lot of gay plots out there and not all of them are good. SO I answered good characters, cuz that's what keeps you coming back. That is why so many blockbuster type movies fail...no good characters. HF's characters are well developed and explored. Not just the gay ones.

The inclusion of gay characters is not my cuppa. With Star Trek it has always been about the tech. The starships. The weapons, transporters, etc. That is just the way I am . . .a techno geek.

For example, I have been watching the new Frontier Guard series and love the new propulsion system included with it. Torsion drive - very cool! Can't wait to see what weapons and other tech get brought into the series.

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I shall Strike you down

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post Feb 11 2010, 09:29 AM
Post #44
I think I found it some time during close to the end of Season 7, started to try and watch it but I had to watch it on the website rather then download. I got as far as season 4 but then stopped because I was getting tired of waiting for the videos to load on such a tiny screen. I came back sometime in the last two years and started watching from the beginning again and I have been trying to keep up with it now. I recently had a hard drive crash and had to redownload everything. It was good though since I didn't know about Yesterday's Excelsior Act 1 being relesed and the redownload showed me that.
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post Feb 17 2010, 06:52 AM
Post #45
Q1: HF. Q2: I don't honestly remember, but I put from a search engine because that's most likely. Q3: I put other, because it's definitely an "all of the above" type thing for me, excluding the TNG-period setting (which doesn't really bother me).

I would like to add that the approach to homosexuality is definitely among the reasons I came to the community (these forums) and am a reasonably active lurker (different boards at different times icon_razz.gif), but I only came across that after I'd been watching for a while. I went against the recommendation and started HF at the beginning, and absolutely do not regret it, despite the obvious shortcomings in image quality.

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post Nov 29 2010, 08:00 PM
Post #46
Hidden Frontier - some time ago, a friend recommended it to me. I recall watching the first season, and then stopped for some reason - I can't remember why. But I recently started watching again, and being a gay trekkie, I loved it. Like the last poster, I started watching from the beginning and did not regret it.

demographic info: 36 male, Jackson Mississippi

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post Nov 30 2010, 03:28 PM
Post #47
QUOTE (aerykian @ Nov 30 2010, 04:00 AM) *
Hidden Frontier - some time ago, a friend recommended it to me. I recall watching the first season, and then stopped for some reason - I can't remember why. But I recently started watching again, and being a gay trekkie, I loved it. Like the last poster, I started watching from the beginning and did not regret it.

demographic info: 36 male, Jackson Mississippi

After voting and viewing the results I was (as a non-gay Trekkie) initially surprised by the high Gay interest % (despite the obvious gay threads in the storyline) but then I'm not put off by the series having gay characters/love-interest; I don't really care if there's a straight/gay character storyline as long as it's a good storyline and characters and I think that HF in all it's guises delivers that. I'm kind of pleased by the figure as it shows that the show appeals to more than just the expected sci-fi demographic of heterosexual teen males that most studios aim at, it reflects well upon HF and ultimately also on it's viewers.

Unlike aerykian (quoted above) I got into HF around the release of season 5 or 6 after a random Google search on Star Trek fan fiction after seeing an episode of New Voyages (now Phase II) and despite the exhortations on the website to watch the later seasons first due to the production values I downloaded and watched it from season 1. Glad I did because the character and plot development lead to me being more involved in the whole story. I couldn't believe that so many people had come together to make episodes purely due to their love of the show but have remained constantly impressed by how HF has kept going and produced better and better stuff. It's because of HF that I started looking into finding even more Star Trek fan fiction. If it's not bad form to advertise other series I'd advise people to look into Intrepid (brilliant and constantly improving), Starship Exeter (the 2nd episode was 'wow!', IMO equal to/better than most ST:TOS series episodes) and Osiris - all really well done and, most importantly of all, fun to watch.

Now I drop into the forums and website every couple of weeks to see if there's anything new developing and eagerly look forward to new episodes. I also like the way HF is pro-active in working with other fan fiction (like Intrepid) to build upon what they already have and make a 'fuller' experience (if that makes sense). I'm even listening to the audio stuff like Federation One and Henglaar which I thought I never would do - though I have to admit I'd still prefer to have them as video.

All I can say is: "please don't stop!...ever!". If I ever win the lottery...expect some serious funding to come your way!

edit: forgot the demographic thing - male, 37, England.

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Thunderbird 2
Lieutenant J.G.
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This is Thunderbird 2, how can I assist?

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post Aug 12 2012, 02:25 PM
Post #48
Oh boy, am I Behind!

First series - Hidden Frontier.

Recommended by a friend, but also discovered its connection with Intrepid through a relative.

Preferred elements - all of those listed! So had to select other? (Needed an "All of the above" option!)

Demographic thing - Male, 37, England.

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post Jan 8 2013, 10:44 PM
Post #49
19 Male German/Irish american here. Hidden frontier/word of mouth/plot and storyline. Theres my demographics icon_biggrin.gif
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Lieutenant Commander
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post Jan 10 2013, 10:06 PM
Post #50
For some reason, I'm just now replying. I've posted before a few times about what drew me to Hidden Frontier. But it bears repeating, so here goes.

I see I joined the forum in May of 2006. That was shortly after I started watching HF. I think I found it from Google, but it might have been TrekWeb or friends in Farscape fandom. I was looking for something to satisfy that Star Trek itch.

This was before HF had spinoffs. It was all new to me. It was about the same time I found other Trek fan films like Intrepid, Phase 2 /New Voyages, Aurora, Farragut, etc. I downloaded and watched all of HF up to then, and waited eagerly for new episodes.

What hooked me?

I'd say mainly plot and characters. To me, the two go hand in hand for a good story, it's hard to have one without the other.

I didn't much mind the early green screen and two chairs for sets. That grew steadily into classy CGI movie quality as seasons passed. Though real sets do help a lot, it wasn't a deal breaker for me.

I saw pretty quickly that the story (plot and chars) was good, improving, and importantly, the show had heart. These were regular fans, amateurs, like me, most of them. And they loved and understood what makes Star Trek special. That was essential. Then when the show began tackling topics from real life, that added to it. The crew might struggle with it, but they did something. There were believable opinions. There were consequences instead of stasis or a reset button.

Then there were gay characters early on. These were not caricatures. They were ordinary to the crew. That is instead of, "Oh look at the gay crew, my goodness, how surprising!" Instead, they were a non-event, unremarkable to the Starfleet crew. Corey and Ro are a couple? Well fine, did you fix the ODN on Deck 12? That was amazing to me. It was very welcome.

Later, the storyline would top this. Artim and his friend were teens at the time. They were very close. But were they gay? Some fans kinda hoped so. But the show did it one better. The adults on the show remarked on the boys' close friendship. But instead of pushing for an outcome (couple or friends) everyone, including the two young guys, simply let it be. It was equally fine if they were best friends, or if they were a couple, or if they might try being more than friends, or if they decided not. Whatever their feelings, whatever their relationship, it was good as far as they or anyone else cared, as long as they treated each other right. Straight, gay, bi, experimenting, not sure, the two boys had the right to be themselves and be accepted whatever the exact nature of their relationship at any given time. And it wasn't particularly anyone else's business. They were good friends. They might be more. But they didn't have to be any one way or another. It was enough that they could be close. It was key that they could be friendly, affectionate, playful, even physically expressive, without anyone caring if that was appropriate for a young man, or between two boys, to behave. They could be themselves, natural, without anyone worrying about it.

I found that just incredible, and I've praised that several times. I hope I've conveyed why I found it so refreshing and special that it was regarded as normal, mundane, only ordinary comments within the story, instead of some big deal, or instead of forcing any one outcome. It was left to them and to the viewer to interpret, and the show let them be and moved on. I still think that's beyond brilliant.

To me, it was in some ways a revelation. I had only come out to anyone in 2004, despite knowing I was gay since early college, and despite having plenty of clues but more questions, going back to my pre-teens. For me, and for when and where I was raised, it was a big deal to be gay. This, despite that, well, it wasn't exactly a surprise to anyone I told, when I finally did start telling anyone. -- And oh, how I wish I could have accepted myself and come out earlier, in college, at least.

That said, the gay story threads were not the main thing to me for Hidden Frontier, but they were important. I'm grateful for having seen them, for a show that could be that mature about its stories and characters.

That's the heart again.

The couple of episodes that dealt with depression also were outstanding for similar reasons.

Hidden Frontier didn't shy away from big topics. The show handled things maturely, intelligently, and daringly. If something happened in an episode, it had consequences there and later on. It was realistic in that.

For that, I could excuse any technical faults. Besides, I was amazed that regular fans like me could get together, have such a good time acting, and build up professional skills, and do it all quickly with a shoestring budget at most.

I look forward when Hidden Frontier Productions will be as active and productive again, with fan projects and with totally original projects. I get, all too well, the realities of life lately. Living with that too. But I want to see more from the HFP team when they can.

Oh, I should probably add that I got wacky enough to volunteer and audition for, then land, three small audio roles in HF shows, and that has led to further upcoming work. I had done some audio before that, but HF helped further it.

I am now 46, Caucasian mostly, male, nominally middle class, associate's degree, gay, Houston, Texas.
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