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> Commander Charlie Rea audition, Audition dialogue for Equinox's First Officer
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post Nov 5 2011, 02:18 PM
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This is the audition dialogue for Star Trek: Equinox's first officer, Charlie Rea. Please record your audition and send it to writer021@aol.com, and have fun!

Commander Charlie Rea

30-45 yrs human male

1 scene


This Gul Malek is right. Equinox simply doesn’t have the teeth to stand up
to a Keldon class warship. But I’ll be damned before I surrender this ship or
any of her crew to the Cardassians’ ‘tender mercies’. Recommendations?

What about signaling Starfleet for help?

No can do. The Cardassians are jamming all long-range transmissions out
of the field. We’re totally cut off from help.

Impulse power is down by twenty-five percent. That’ll cost us some of our
maneuverability in this field. We need some way to disable or distract the
Cardassians if we want to keep our hides intact.

We could channel all power through the main deflector dish. I remember
hearing about the Enterprise trying it during the Borg incident. A blast that
strong should take out the Cardassian ship.

I also remember reading that that weapon was a complete flop, Commander.

Against the Borg, yes. I doubt the Cardassians would even see it coming.

With all respect, Commander, that’s insane. The deflector isn’t designed to
be a last minute weapon. Routing that much power through it would completely
burn it out after a few minutes’ use, and we’d be dead in space, in the middle
of an asteroid field. Not exactly a good spot to be defenseless.

He’s right. Mr. McCullough?

A full out torpedo spread directly into their main sensor array would blind
them long enough for us to escape.

It would work, if warp drive were operational.

What? Why didn’t you advise the bridge when it went down?

Sorry, Commander. Guess I was a little busy keeping the core from going

We need to buy some extra time from the Cardassians.

I seriously doubt they’re going to accommodate you, Captain.

(strained patience) Commander! (pause) We’ll use McCullough’s idea to
blind their sensors, and then take the ship inside one of the larger asteroids,
until we can effect full repairs. Mr. Burke, I’m going to need you at your best
to pull off this maneuver. If it doesn’t work, the Cardassians will come screaming
after us, and I don’t intend to surrender to them.

Understood, sir.


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